Monday, 13 July 2015

The Future Of Indian Navy


          INS Vikrant is first ever carrier designed  and built by any Asian country.She is currently being built by the Cochin Shipyard limited and is in the third phase of construction in which she will get all those wiring, radars installation and propulsion system.It will carry a mix of Mig 29K and naval LCA Tejas MK2. Mig 29k is already in service with Indian Navy and is operational on board the INS Vikramaditya.Navy had already ordered 48 Mig 29k.On the other hand, Tejas is in development phase whose mk1 naval version is already made the maiden flight from the INS Hansa from an SBTF facility.Naval Tejas MK2 will only see the operational deployment on the INS Vikrant because mk1 has lesser combat radius than required therefore it will only be used for testing purpose only.Naval Tejas MK2 will have more range and advanced avionics than the Mig itself.INS Vikrant will carry a mix of kamov 28 and sea king for early warning and anti-submarine operations respectively.
                           INS Vikrant is STOBAR (short take-off but arrested landing) carrier which design is highly influenced by the Russian carriers ,Russians also operates SATOBAR like admiral Kuznetsov.she will be powered by four  GE LM 25000 marine gas turbine engines and providing a higher cruise speed.vikrant will have a range of about 15000 km.It is slated to carry ak 630 as close in weapon system (ciws) and a mix of possibility is that Vikrant will carry Barak 8 or Barak 1 missiles in VLS system.Her carrier battle group will consist of Kolkata class destroyer and ins kamotra class corvettes.she will be escorted by kalvari class diesel-electric subs which is also known as scorpion class designed and developed by dcns of France.Kolkata class will provide anti-air capability and kamotra as anti-sub warfare.INS Vikrant is slated to be in service with Indian navy by 2018.

Schematics Diagram:

full schematics of ins Vikrant

top view of ins Vikrant

specifications :

             length   262 m
             drought 8.4 m
             beam    60 m
             speed  28 knots
             aviation facility 10000 m2
Armament :
                    32 cell Barak 8
                    AK 630 CIWS
Aircraft:      Mig 29K
                     NLCA Tejas MK2
                     Kamov ka 28
                     Seaking anti sub helicopter


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