Monday, 27 July 2015

FUTURE of indian navy part 5: Kalvari class(scorpion) SSK

Kalvari class submarine commonly known as scorpion or project 75 (p75) submarine is a diesel-electric attack (SSK) stealth submarine of the Indian navy, which is under construction at Mazagon dock limited.It was a part of Indian navy 30 years of the expansion plan.the tender for same was floated in 2005 and scorpion was chosen as the winner of that tender.A total of 6 scorpion subs are being constructed at Mazagon dock limited at a cost of 3 bn $ out of which first submarine ins kalvari was launched on April 6, 2015, and which will be commissioned at the end of 2016, rest of the kalwari class submarines will be commissioned on the yearly basis .Scorpion subs have modular state of the art design which will dramatically improve the capability of the Mazagon dock limited in terms of submarine construction. Scorpion is designed by DCNS of France and Navantia of Spain.It is designed to achieve a high degree of stealth with  offensive anti-sub and anti-surface weapon carrying capability.It weighs around 1600 tons submerged and can carry heavy weight torpedoes and anti-ship missiles.Scorpion has a version with MESMA AIP (air independent propulsion) which increases its underwater diving time by almost twice.
                   Indian navy's version of scorpion named as Kalvari does not have AIP, but it has a larger length than Chilean version.Brazil has also ordered scorpion with AIP which will have little more displacement than its Indian counterpart.Let's stick with the Kalvari,I t has also special features.kalwari class subs will have six 533mm torpedo launcher which can also fire Exotec anti-ship missiles.kalwari will have Black shark heavyweight torpedo which has a very large radius of action,a better counter-counter measure system which allow the Black shark to engage Target without getting confused by decoys at large ranges.SM-39 Exocet anti-shipping missile has a range of 50kms against surface combatants.SM-39 is well battle proven, very reliable anti-ship missile from MBDA which will give a edge to Indian scorpion.DRDO of India has developed an indigenous air independent propulsion system based on methanol which will produce oxygen from methanol.This AIP system will be installed on the last two of the scorpion submarine which will improve the submerging time of the Kalwari sub by many folds.This system will also be installed on the rest of the Kalwari class subs latter may be in the mid-life upgrade.


        Combat system :SUBTICS
        SONAR: Long range passive cylindrical array and an active sonar
        Propulsion : two diesel engine providing 1250kw
        SM-39 Exocet anti-shipping missile
        Black shark long range wire guided torpedo

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